Product name: Epoxy Cement


Epoxy Cement is a self levelling epoxy-cement composite underlayment flooring material for use where exceptional strength and toughness is needed and where the flooring has to be laid on damp surface. It is a three component water
based epoxy system with selected cementitious components. Epoxy Cement has excellent adhesion and provides good abrasion resistance on floors.


  • Ideally suitable where the sub flooring damp or expected to contain moisture.
  • Jointless monolithic flooring.
  • Excellent bond to concrete
  • Extremely high early strength
  • Good resistance to chemicals
  • Easy to apply and can act as underlayment for any epoxy coating or flooring.


  • Paper Mills
  • Dairies & Breweries
  • Fertilizers Plants
  • Petro Chemical Industries
  • Automobile Plant
  • Power Houses
  • Sport Truf
  • Bottling Plants

Application Methodlogy:

Correct preparation of surface is essential. When applied over concrete, the surface must be sound, free from dust, laitance and other contaminants. Surface must be prepared by mechanical abrasion. For best bond, concrete surface must be slightly textured. Remove oil and grease by washing with liquid detergent followed by acid wash. Remove old painting if any, using surface grinder.

Important Instructions:

  • Minimum age of concrete should be 3 days old
  • Maximum moisture content permissible: 8 -10%.
  • Substrate temperature at the time of application
  • Should be between 10 and 30oC
  • Maximum permissible gradient of the floor is 5 %